COVID-19 Taxi Guidance

Last updated: October 14, 2020

The wellbeing of our passengers, drivers and employees is Five Star Taxis number one priority during these unprecedented times.

We continue to offer a full service to all passengers and customers for all your travel requirements during this period. In line with UK Government advice, we have a clear set of guidelines around managing the spread of Covid-19 protecting our people, passengers and drivers through this difficult period.

This policy is continually reviewed in light of additional measures announced by the government to manage the spread of COVID-19 and with new initiatives by Five Star Taxis to protect drivers, passengers and employees.


At the core of our policy is an adherence to Public Health England (PHE) guidelines – issued by the UK Government and regularly updated.

  • While we continue to provide a full service to passengers and Corporate customers, ensuring all are kept safe.
  • We are continuously reinforcing PHE precautions to our drivers and employees to help prevent the spreading of COVID-19.
  • We are asking passengers to follow UK Government and PHE/NHS guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 before they travel with us.
  • We have completed a robust health and safety risk assessment throughout our company facilitating social distancing protocols.
  • Our loyal drivers are monitored daily and self-isolate in accordance with Government guidelines if required, all are connected to the NHS test and trace system to help tackle this pandemic going forward.


We understand that people may have concerns about travelling in hackney & private hire vehicles during this time.

We can assure you that as well as following UK Government & PHE advice, we have provided a range of protective equipment for drivers, including protective masks and anti-bacterial products.

We are requesting that were practical that passengers sit in the rear of the cars to maintain the maximum social distancing possible and wear face coverings in line with new Government regulations from 24th September 2020.